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Freedom to Create

Originally posted on July 22, 2015

You may enjoy more or less foolin’ around, creativity, making-stuff-up, as you grow older. The important thing is that you feel free to do so, that you are not inhibited by phony residuals. Tradition says that all the great stuff is made up by great men. Rarely women. Myths, beliefs, laws, stuff like that. It ain’t necessarily so. We are living in an era when people feel more empowered to think in new ways about the foods and substances they put into their bodies, their gender identities and sexual preferences, the images of what is proper for elders, so by extension, you are free to create: I hereby empower you to make stuff up. I do. Seriously, though, those little rules on the inside of your skull, “You may not make stuff up”? Illusions!

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