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Nibbling at the Ineffable

Originally posted on March 20, 2014

It’s all so big, so multi-dimensional, so head-spinning complex, all we can do is to nibble on this “mountain.” The Ineffable is a adjective that means it cannot be captured in words, nor music nor art. It’s way too big. We can try, recognizing that whatever we say is only a pointer, and by definition, it is inadequate. It can’t capture the wholeness of it than a finger that points at the moon can capture all there is about the moon.

I hold an ultimate belief system, a theology, so to speak, that’s “apophatic.” That’s a fancy way to say I don’t think we can ever be able to encompass the knowledge of ultimate reality in our puny little human minds, and even when we evolve another several thousand years, and are capable of much more wisdom, if we survive that long, we still won’t be able to know what’s really going on. My point, though, is that some of us choose to try to “nibble at the ineffable,” to bring back into our reality world a little more of what it’s all about.

Saying it poetically, I imagine the ineffable to be a big mountain, the surface of which we can only dimly perceive. It is which is far more than what we can report. We can intuit parts of it, but have no words adequate to describe it. That’s what “ineffable” means. But in spite of it all being way too big to express, I try to do what little I can to try to express it. Poets do, musicians, artists, some philosophers. I note right off that I am quite aware that I can’t begin to begin to really “do” it. I seek nevertheless to express it in however tiny and weak a way I can. It’s something I imagine humanity is charged with doing and I accept it as part of my dharma, my life duty.

So here’s an example of a nibble at the ineffable: The Becoming Everything, which some anthropomorphize as a humanoid god, of a male gender, but really is inconceivably multi-dimensional. My motive for this essay arises from my having discerned, intuited, in my dreams, that there are yet many incredibly dynamic, bubbling dimensions that lay just below my semi-conscious mind, and the tippy-tips were dimly accessible, enough to trigger a bit of contemplation. It occurred to me that our role as conscious beings is to access that realm a tiny bit more, bring it into manifestation. It may be that this is yet another way that the Everything Becomes! Saying it within a more traditional theological-poetic frame, we get to help God be Born in yet another way, in the service of God’s experiencing new angles, aspects, facets, potentialities.

In this myth, the physical cosmos expands like an opening bell, the more stuff is generated leading to yet more stuff, an accelerating process in many dimensions. All the arts participate in this proliferation. Consciousness evolved so as to accelerate the variety and intensity of this proliferation, sort of a super-genetic expansion of whatever can be created.

We are at a point of maximum change of acceleration—at least that how it seems in light of history as I understand it. (It may accelerate further, which is nigh-inconceivable—but the Becoming Everything has no obligation to be conceivable by puny human minds!) Our lifetime is fortunate in witnessing a shift form gradual to increasingly rapid change. Wowsie woozy! One can get woozy just experiencing the wow, the astonishment, of the honor, the excitement, the potential of it all. I’m grateful and enjoying, and trying to do my bit.

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