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Originally posted on January 24, 2014

David is here! Yikes! Hide! Seriously, we’re experimenting with what I can do on my computer.

Wowsie Woozy is the sprite of astonishmentality. He looks something like this:

Isn’t this something? Sometimes I call upon him to as it were underline what’s up, exclaim appropriately at the wondrousness of it all.

Now I can use right click image properties – appearance – align text to image- right text.  Wow. I could only do this before by putting it in a text box.
   Now let’s put in an image on the right: Here are some facets of my life, role I play. Now this is supposed to wrap to the left, and lo! It does! Wowsie Woozy!

At 1 o’clock there is the role of ….




By the way, this is my son, whose videos and tons of books are on the internet.


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