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New Syndromes

Originally posted on January 16, 2014

1. Making stuff up. One may not know that one is doing this, and the term confabulation has been applied to this. Doing it on purpose should be recognized as a more enlightened and playful form of this. Shall we call it “conscious confabulation”? I like the fabulous word root in that word and if truth be told, on careful study, I strongly suspect that everyone to some extent confabulates his or her own history, and continues to re-construct this phony autobiography—based of course on many true events—though few would agree on the exact interpretation given to these events.

2. “Pueranoia,” which describes a tendency to become paranoid about childish things, such as “somebody will tell on me,” or “something under the bed is going to get me,” or “scared of the dead.”

3. “Annoyia” is a distinct feeling that “they” or other forces yet unknown are out to annoy you. It’s not as strong as paranoia, the fear that they are persecuting you, but… well, why else would I be feeling annoyed?
     I suspect these reports may not be even footnoted in the various psychiatric journals. But they should, somewhere. Maybe they’ll go onto my permanent record. (Don’t we all have permanent records of our school grades, various misdemeanors?)

In addition, there are a near infinite variety of quirks and oddities of mind, some more common than others.

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