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Here’s How It Works

Originally posted on January 15, 2014

(Disclaimer: I have little idea of what’s going on. It’s a metaphysical intuition. In a thousand years it will seem laughable. Saying it another way, I’m “apophatic,” which is another way to confess that I haven’t a clue. Nevertheless, I’m a meaning-making creature, and that is in part the nature of mind. So what follows should be taken more as poetry!)

How it works can be stated in different ways. One way is that God created everything. Another: God is everything and the creative process in and of everything. Saying it yet another way: God is both creating and is the creation that is created. A corollary of this is to recognize God as the Cosmos in an Unfolding Process. To say that God is far more than that may well be presumptuous, quite beyond our comprehension. , but for our purposes, let’s acknowledge that we can barely comprehend what is and how it works, so it might be viewed as empty flattery to attribute to God empty words that go far beyond our comprehension.

My statement of faith is that the part of the cosmos that is Divine (both the realms of mind and matter) descends, manifests, focuses from the cosmic everything-becoming to become somewhat more focused as sets of archetypes. These express themselves in a balanced way through a rich variety of cultural forms. In turn, these cultural forms step-down the Divine energy so that it then focuses or is selected into the pre-subconscious mush, the pre-dream, that gets focused further into an event-dream, which gets distilled, largely forgotten, in the subconscious of the awakening mind, which gets distracted.

Kabbalistially, I’m saying that the ultimate reality unfolds in ways that are un-knowable to become vaguely intuit-able as the 6th moving to 7th level of archetypal manifestation, and from there to the 8th level and from there to the 9th and then 10th levels.
In the human mind at the 9th and 10th levels, there remains a potential for withdrawing, even slightly, from full involvement in roles. In this more meditative and contemplative way, humans can become gradually more aware that (1) their ego-body co-creates those roles, and responds with a combination of automatic patterns and some rational choice to play those roles.

The roles might be played as it was learned, habituated, or culturally supported. Play as performance can be fairly unconscious. These roles might be played also in a more conscious and exploratory fashion, trying out variations. This is play as creation. And beyond this there’s a dim awareness of the one who plays the roles, the “self”—though that is an illusion, largely—and beyond this there’s a dim awareness of the source of the energy for the awareness, the spirit!

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