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Sri Yantra as Metaphysical “Organism”

Originally posted on July 24, 2013

Some abstract things become enlivened by our minds contemplating them. That’s how our clapping can bring Tinkerbelle (the fairy in Peter Pan story) alive. The Sri (pronounced Shree) Yantra is a pattern imagined by many contemplatives in India (South Asia). It has become alive or active or serves as a force—as angelic dynamics do—when enough people “believe” in them. It is an essential archetype of patterning itself, emerging through the cosmos to suggest to the evolving human mind the idea that there are patterns, that they emerge, evolve, expand, differentiate. I write more about the Sri Yantra on my website.

Here below is a picture of some of the pre-Yantric forms jostling about, figuratively wondering how they will come together and become something when they grow up.


The Sri Yantra is a suggestion of the way the Everything Becoming works. (Some imagine this as a divine outflowing, close to the essence of allness.) Below is an example of how it continuously surpasses itself.


That’s part of its play, you see: How can we make this game ever-more complex but still do-able, albeit challenging?

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