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How It Works

Originally posted on July 24, 2013

I have been informed by those in the know—or say they’re in the know—that we live in a multi-dimensional cosmos. “Duh, we all knew that.” “No,” they say, “Most folks don’t.” “What? I replied, Haven’t they been reading my blog?” I guess not. Anyway, there are lots of interpenetrating dimensions. As for us, we’re at a point where we have had our attention drawn to this situation:


Notice the “messing around” variable, and the fact that it is situated between mind and mystery is no coincidence. This is really mystical influence, but that’s too heavy a term. It also doesn’t recognize the dynamism of conversation between levels of consciousness. More complex phenomena cannot help but be distorted in the simplification, or talking-down, or editing process. Thus, an angel might realize she needs to edit down and simplify her awareness so that ordinary humans might grasp even a part, as is illustrated by this cartoon by Saul Steinberg:


I want to confess that one of my role involvements is trying to grasp just a little more than the over-simplified, because I think humanity is ready for it. Is this akin to Prometheus obtaining fire for humanity’s use? Maybe.

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