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The Boze Higgs-on

Originally posted on July 5, 2013

If you haven’t heard of the Higgs Boson, it’s the particle representative of a theoretical field that gives the cosmos its mass. Never mind the near-inconceivability of this. Some very clever dudes conceived it and we are inclined to believe they know what they’re doing. Truth is, though, that they do and they don’t, in the sense that they are scientists who are only at the front edge of what lies ahead in discovery. As an analogy, consider the scientists in the late 18th century who were just beginning to explore electricity. They didn’t begin to imagine its relationship to magnetism or other phenomena.


Anyway, the Higgs Boson helps explain gravity, mass, heaviness. But in the spirit of symmetry, there’s also the Boze Higgs-on, pictured above in a gen-you-wine doodle. This particle is a diagram of a multi-dimensional view of the field that counters mass and gravity and generates levity. (Credit must be given to Jeff Hoke who noted the fundamental need for levity as well as gravity.) For true spiritual development, it will be as necessary to appreciate the nature and complexity of levity as well as gravity. Ha ha, get it? “Hey,  don’t be too serious! Get your Higgs Boz’d!”—Boz, brother of Bozo.

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