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Dynamic Tree of Life

Originally posted on July 5, 2013

Things are dynamically changing. A couple of days ago I noted this about one cosmic diagram, the Shree Yantra. (A yantra is sort of a map of the cosmos, allowing for the understanding that no such map could ever be made no matter how many dimensions we could conceivably represent. But for meditation purposes, some diagrams are more accurately suggestive than others, comparatively.) Anyway I noted how dynamically “happening” that diagram is and this one is, too.


Again, the diagram hardly begins to do justice to the All-Becoming in a million ways, but this drawing hopes to suggest through a variation doodle of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram how the cosmos, you, me, the planets and galaxies, atoms and dreams, are always changing at innumerable levels in as many ways. In that sense it’s a prayer that acknowledges however humbly our glimpse of the glory of the greater wholeness in action. We get a freeze frame picture just so we can picture them, but the process is not stop-able. So maybe the picture above  would be a tiny bit closer. Also, each arrow is similarly a diagram that suggests some order and direction, but within this order there are layers of sub-order and a dynamic dis-order within and occasionally beyond limit.

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