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Thoughts on Social Depth Psychology

Originally posted on July 5, 2013

There are many, many dynamics going on, and Moreno’s method of sociometry helps bring to the surface. (Many papers on sociometry may be found on my website.) But just as microscopes did not reveal all that involves microbiology (e.g., viruses), so too sociometry is not the only tool for thinking about the amazing and plentiful variety of dynamics that occur when people relate to:
– each other as couples, or in groups of three four or five;
– or in larger groups, each number has its own character, as does each type of group;
– and shifting, often unconscious, degrees of emotional investment (i.e., “cathexis) in this group now, that group later;
  – and the interactions between people, the quick between-the-lines stuff that may not show up on any organizational chart;
  – and how very deeply people feel and react to these currents;
  – and how deeply many are ashamed and repress these reactions and perceptions;
  – and how rare it is to actively talk about such things, more shameful that sex. (Sexual behavior and even feelings used to be very shameful but not so much any more.)
  – how rare to openly admit even to yourself that you may have been hurt by the tone of voice of someone you thought was a friend? Ha! To admit that means that you’re weak, according to some unwritten rules.

The real value of sociometry lies not in the diagraming, but rather the activity of people daring to really disclose and discuss all these variables, with both parties, or all parties knowing it needs to be talked about, really needs to be talked about, and nothing shameful about it! That’s the secret power of social depth psychology!

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