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October, 2017

Enhanced Simulations

Enhanced Simulations is a more complex form of role playing. It’s a response to the challenge of “teaching” in the face of the sheer complexity of systems. You can’t just teach—students will interpret too much in their own way. You’ve got to do a kind of role play and see how they understand and apply […]

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Give Yourself a Medal

Marian Henley, a cartoonist who did “Maxine!,” created “medals” (back in 1999)! She created:   The Triple Star Telephone, for refusing to surrender under heavy barrage of telephone solicitation calls;    The Silver Cereal Box. for extraordinary strength of will, courage, and endurance displayed by simply getting the heck out of bed every day!   […]

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My Approach in Psychotherapy

I found a piece of paper listing “My Approach,” written 6/15/93, at the height (?) of my career: Indeed, I sorta did it. Looking back I think it was extraordinary, but it seemed to be what’s needed:   1. Weave inner connections, using art and creativity.   2. Develop skills of psychological literacy—basic knowledge, education, […]

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No More Psychiatry for Me

I became a physician because it fascinated me. It was wonder-full—really! Biology is one of the shining sources of wonder for my mind, and I’m privileged to have studied enough to know that what I learned was only the beginning! But I turned 80 recently and I sort of retired 20 years ago—but now I’ve […]

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Sociometry Beyond Human Cognitive Ability

Jacob L. Moreno perceived correctly that our social life operates not only in a matrix of relationships, but that these are most complex indeed. Relationships are established not at the level of thinking, but rather feeling, bonding, mysterious connections that include hormone releasing chemicals in the blood and their impact on brain nerve cells. Relationships […]

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Other Dimensions!?

I talk to God, as you know, not that I expect that God listens to puny me. But I fantasize that God delegates the message back to me via several levels of archangels and angels. I don’t hear “His” (maybe “Her”?) words exactly because my unconscious mind certainly contaminate—and indeed, this all is probably fantasy, […]

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Alternative Sexualities

People with alternative sexualities are demanding recognition! I’m fairly straight but not stuffy, and some friends are letting me know that the lid is off regarding sexuality. For instance, I’ve been told that, in general, "sex" refers to the biological (genetic, genital) differences between males and females, while  "gender" refers to the role of a […]

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My Not-Overtly Sordid Past

I regret sins of thought (innocent yet toward the dark side). I have had an oppor-tunity to reflect on my youth, where my dark side had its role in my unconscious, pre-conscious, and play. I was outwardly submissive, picked on by my big brother, inwardly a conqueror, reading about conquerors of the past, and drawing […]

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With the multiplication of diploma mills, I  wondered, why not? I imagined this:  a fancy-schmancy sign on a webpage: INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CERTIFICATE-OLOGY You can create, grant, authorize, bestow, honor, authenticate, and in other ways issue diplomas (and of course) certify as well as the best of ‘em! Deans, boards of Examiners, diploma mills, so-called […]

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My Shadow Complex Characters

The ”Shadow” complex is the English word for what Jung called all those parts of the usually unconscious psyche that are ordinarily repressed, that are incompatible with most people’s self-esteem. Yet I am somewhat aware that I played with characters associated with this complex in some of my old drawings and cartoons. I’m a bit […]

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