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Give Yourself a Medal

Originally posted on October 12, 2017

Marian Henley, a cartoonist who did “Maxine!,” created “medals” (back in 1999)! She created:
  The Triple Star Telephone, for refusing to surrender under heavy barrage of telephone solicitation calls;
   The Silver Cereal Box. for extraordinary strength of will, courage, and endurance displayed by simply getting the heck out of bed every day!
  The Bronze Yield, for meritorious mellowness exhibited by rapid-fire rush hour traffic;
  The Purple Eardrum for outstanding bravery and maintenance of open ears during heated marital combat.

I read this and was inspired. It was a great idea! Indeed, There should be medals given for any of the following:
  – Coming through for family  (Even or especially if you don’t care that much).
  – Home maintenance: laundry, dishes, vacuuming.
  – Sticking to any resolution or self-discipline.
  – Starting something new or hanging in there past the sense of it being too difficult.
  – Remembering to be grateful.
  – Taking time to love the pet, pet the puppy or kitty,
  – Giving partner room in the bed.
  – Really listening to your child-’s story, or your partner’s/
  – Quitting a job or activity that’s making you feel sick.
  – Really thinking about God or metaphysics or your faith.
  – Letting Go, of important relationships?…
  – Singing whether you feel like it or not.
  – Answering email as follow-up.
  – Taking time—no, making time— to talk with your neighbors.
  – Setting the table.
  – Giving time to the world, volunteering, believing is something enough.
  – Giving to charity.
  – Resisting an impluse to behave in an angry or imapatient manner/
  – Not denying illness.
  – Flossing.
  – Putting on the seatbelt.
  – Expressing some real individuality—going against the pressure to go along.
  – Talking through what might have been (foolishly) avoided, working things out.
  – Putting down the toilet seat or cleaning the toilet bowl.
  – Spending more money when it’s worth it in the long run.
  – Voting, being somewhat politically actve.
  – Decorating for the Holidays.
  – Making up any degree of an elaborate costume for Hallowe’en, or a costume party, or, better yet, acting the role your costume indicates.
  – Apologizing or admitting that one is wrong .
        What would you add?

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