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Equality? Wow.

Originally posted on August 20, 2017

I hadn’t been aware that I had been harboring elitist sentiments until a Unitarian church service that valorized sports. Then I realized that I had subconsciously thought of my own interests as superior—but when I looked again, I realized that a theme that is no interest to 75% of the people is hardly superior in any objective fashion.

I theorize, theologize, speculate, write on this blog. What I do was equivalent to a sport. Although it isn’t what everyone does, it is something I enjoy doing. It is not especially superior except in flow of imagery. But because writing had been given more skill-weight-status, I believed it, I’m a bit ashamed to confess. I had “privileged” my own thinking. In fact, though, most people don’t care. So it was a wake-up call to come down off my unconscious high horse. As long I’m in the “zone,” I’m creative. I’m not necessarily better than others, though I preferred my own activities. Writing for me has been something I have some talent for: But on re-thinking, it’s not really greater than others’ talents. After all, others would not particularly care about my strengths, just as I don’t care about theirs.

I had fallen into sin, which in ancient Greek is called “hamartia,” I believe. But that word means “off the mark,” and it’s no big deal—though it’s not to be dismissed. But unconsciously I judged it to be better—though I’m reminded to “judge not lest ye be judged.” Theology and philosophy seem to me to be better but on re-thinking that, it ain’t necessarily so. Judging is measuring as better or worse, more or less, and in truth it’s just a matter of taste. So that’s the lesson for today.

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