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Time Passes, Fashions Change

Originally posted on August 23, 2017

There was a comic strip for a while titled Mother Goose and Grimm, in 1995 or so—and the title of the  strip in question is Vampire Coffee Houses, and it shows a vampire is singing on a guitar,
“Sunshine on my shoulder makes me shrivel up and blow away;
  Sunshine on my eyes burns through my skull…”
   The joke is a twist on a popular song by John Denver which glamorized sunshine.
Anyway, it makes me think of the transience of humor. Do folk singers still enter-tain at coffee houses, and indeed, are coffee houses still haunts for evening bohe-mians, or have they been too commercialized? Do people know about legends of vampires melting in the sun? (I think so for that one.) Or how many people  re-member the songs of John Denver, who sang that song 20 years earlier?

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