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Junior Prophet?

Originally posted on May 25, 2014

Well, what should I call this status role? It’s significantly less than a full-blown prophet, but it points out or explains what a real prophet might have been alluding to. Prophet-ette? Maybe.

There is the phenomenon of people tending to say they’re true followers while in fact deviating in certain ways from the prophet’s intended teachings. Then again, some claim to be the true followers while only preserving their own interpretation of orthodoxy. Others bend the prophet’s words to fit their own ideas or motives. Some think they understand when they really don’t. And other variations.

And what if one of the supposed followers is an admitted re-interpreter, in light of current beliefs and theories? (That’s more like me, though I have made no claims to be authoritative, nor have I worked within the original’s world-view.)

Anyway, it has been revealed to me that I am a very minor prophet of sorts. Not that I take this “revelation” very seriously—it’s just a hunch. But neither do I dismiss it. I am given glimpses, not full insights. I confess they may be contaminated by the paradigms of the culture I live in. I can’t help it.

The guru principle, as I now understand it, is that humanity is a developing mass of consciousness that is shaped like a teardrop, the tiny part leading. The great gurus are close to the tip. Others follow. I’m about 1/4 down still slender, but there are many at my level. I follow some and lead some. I get to say, “Here’s the deal…” but yet only with a moderate degree of confidence.

It’s very complicated because many of the true gurus or prophets are not readily understandable by folks of lower levels of consciousness. Indeed, even with commentators helping—and these explainers are as essential as the heart is to the lungs, or vice versa—, the process of species awakening is highly complex, even convoluted. My guardian angel (who as faithful readers you know to be named by me as “Uncle Bud”) suggests even that there’s no way human minds are going to understand the degree of complexity for the foreseeable future (if ever).

Really high levels of complexity are multi-dimensional, they involve many frames of reference interacting with each other, and human minds can barely cope with, like, five or six dimensions. That generates a real stretch of thinking. For example, the complexities of calculus in mathematic are tools for coping with the subtleties of the rate of change, the mixture of just a few dimensions. The mathematics of significantly more dimensions at play may be beyond human cognition. But no doubt there will be efforts to coordinate even more.

The problem of course is that some dimensions may not fulfill the requirements of regularity; they may bend and themselves be subject to such subjective criteria as aesthetic preference. That would perhaps obviate the ideal that everything can be expressed as number.

So as my minor junior prophecy, just sayin’.

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