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Final Letter

Originally posted on May 23, 2014

I thought I’d post this now because in the future I may be too forgetful, preoccupied, or disabled  to do this. So (possibly way in advance): It was great, and now I’m finished. Thanks for all you’ve all done. Most of you have been friends who’ve helped me.  Admittedly, some few of you haven’t liked me much, but my finally getting that and what it was about—that helped me mature, too.

I’m tempted to cling, to whine. I’m tempted to think that I’m not finished, because there’s just so much to acquire, learn, possess, achieve, etc. But it’s hard to realize that this perception does not have to mean that I should feel guilty or insufficient, that I haven’t lived enough, or that it’s unfair that it’s over. It just means that mind tends at times to transcend itself and what it can do. Or maybe that’s my exuberance talking. 

And to the extent that one can see the more that could be, that, correctly interpreted, could be also a way to be kind to the less of what’s part of me, the limitations of body-form. I should not feel guilty and ashamed that I cannot rise to the more I am able to glimpse that perhaps might be attained. I can’t do it all and I’m learning how to accept that.

There are very few “jnanis”— the Yogic path of contemplation; my mind is closer to Parvati’s sharing or multi-potentiality. Parvati focuses, brings shakti and prana to unfolding-nesss, brings form. The part of me that can see possibility glimpses Shiva, even if only in tiny part. Glimpsing has its own karma-dharma. Can I communicate this glimpse?

One Response to “Final Letter”

  • David Blatner says:

    This final letter is clearly unfinished and leaves this reader a bit dissatisfied. In the world of publishing that I have been working in a long time, files are often saved to disk named “final” then “final.2” then “really_final_this_time” and then “final2b_not2b” and so on.

    I encourage you to continue finalizing.

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