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April, 2012

Art-Speak from Other Worlds

Sometimes what we want to say cannot be expressed in the linear alphabetic word-language of your species. In music, this is why polyphonic music and then orchestras were employed: to suggest rich textures of experience-meaning.                   Since we’re using a print/visual medium to communicate to your people […]

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Textures of Reality

This in from Zordak: Part of the reason we travel among the dimensions is that it is just so wondrous and thick and interesting! The tiniest event in your reality resonates with layer upon layer of circumstance. The history of each  element that led to that even, the stories of the elements that went into […]

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Some Personal Myths

Reading excerpts from Rollo May’s 1990 book, The Cry for Myth, reminded me that I am fortunate to have a number of mythic structures that help me feel grounded in my life. First, there is a myth of progress. At first, I felt this by joining a profession with an ancient tradition and major social […]

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Metaphysical Ontology

Ontology is the branch of philosophy that considers what is. Are dreams real? What is an illusion? Is mind real or an illusion? What is real? Metaphysical is a term that addresses principles that transcend the physical, that involve questions that go beyond what physics can elucidate.  Beyond the dynamics of matter and energy, time […]

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The Burning Bush

Humans have a problem with clearly interpreting certain  revelations that transcend their language / culture / conceptual systems in terms of what is known. For example, when Moses in the Bible encountered what perhaps he interpreted as a “burning bush that is yet not consumed,” and heard the voice of  God coming from it, what […]

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In a recent Discover magazine there’s a small article and visualization titled “When Black Holes Collide, which illustrates in 3 dimensions (plus color—which adds another type of dimension) “how black holes stretch and bend the fabric of space-time.” Now this concept of stretching or bending space-time is inconceivable—Dr. (Kip) Thorne says that “The human mind […]

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Zordak’s Easter

My little flying saucer little green man friend Zordak was explaining: The Easter Bunny is an example of neoteny—the tendency of species to take on the qualities of the young child—which evokes instinctual responses of “cute” and the desire to nurture, to have around as pets, or stuffed toys.  It speaks to the archetypes of […]

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Meshuggenosis: 21st Century Neurosis

(Meshugginah: Yiddish word for crazy. Maybe just eccentric.) My grandkids will not be neurotic in the way their grandparents were, products (so it was thought) of the parenting of their parents. We were scolded too much or not enough, given too much freedom or not enough. Always the analysts—the arbiters of blame—could find a problem […]

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