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Metaphysical Ontology

Originally posted on April 9, 2012

Ontology is the branch of philosophy that considers what is. Are dreams real? What is an illusion? Is mind real or an illusion? What is real? Metaphysical is a term that addresses principles that transcend the physical, that involve questions that go beyond what physics can elucidate.  Beyond the dynamics of matter and energy, time and space, there are levels of a deeper reality that inform our physical reality. This idea is nonsense in the modern world, but made a lot of sense to people who thought about things from Plato’s perspective.


This picture above is a diagram of sorts that illustrates the way the world(s) form. It’s in two-dimensions, but it emerges from a center point and travels through successive elaborations in a concentric diversification in many directions. There is both order and the operation of disorder, spontaneity, chaos, and the dynamics that arise from the interplay of these two forces. What it is the diagram of is an action process that operates beyond time and space, speaks to the emergence of the universe we know of that has lasted some 13.7 or so billion years ago, and it also operates in every tiny moment as experienced by whatever experiences micro-time.

Some of you will dismiss this whole thing as the ravings of a madman, or a poet giving a rather extended explanation of the title of a work of art, if you can call it that. But I invite you to allow these ideas in to fertilize your mind, because the assumptions they embody are operating now at the transition of paradigms at the highest levels of physics and mathematics, consciously or unconsciously.

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