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Originally posted on April 7, 2012

spacetimetwists In a recent Discover magazine there’s a small article and visualization titled “When Black Holes Collide, which illustrates in 3 dimensions (plus color—which adds another type of dimension) “how black holes stretch and bend the fabric of space-time.” Now this concept of stretching or bending space-time is inconceivable—Dr. (Kip) Thorne says that “The human mind just can’t make sense of them [i.e., the mountains of numbers generated by computational models].”

All comes clear (as mud) when we recognize that space-time operates within yet a larger, mind-like field, which in turn has its own variations. As an analogy, consider the old story of the blind men encountering an elephant. Cut to the chase, if they would only pool their observations, say yes-and instead of no-but, as folks are trained to do in improvisational drama, then they’d realize that the elephant is multi-faceted indeed. But now comes the fun part.

These guys aren’t just blind men, they are blind to certain “esoteric” dimensions beyond sight, and yet smart enough to realize this. They calculate that the elephant has two sides and depth—that is, there’s an “inside” not directly available to their senses. What, then is on the inside? The entire technology and knowledge field of dissection and anatomy lies ahead.

But wait, there’s more. Even supposing they learn how to “see” what they have dissected (not an easy job for those who are not able to access certain modes of perception—i.e., the symbolism of “blind”—there’s  another frontier: microscopic anatomy, also known as histology—seeing the make-up of cells and tissues and all—which is a whole ‘nother frontier. Again, it’s difficult to appreciate this if one is blind. And then making sense of both levels of anatomy—gross and microscopic, and figuring out what these discovered cells and organs “do”—and that’s physiology—which symbolizes fields of endeavor several generations beyond us—fields that we would have to invent and master that allow for the perception by “scopes” of that which is not available to the ordinary senses.

But wait, there’s more! One of the brilliant “blind” men notices that the penis they have found on the elephant implies—they have to stretch here—might there be female elephants, and babies? Other elephants? (Hint: I’m alluding to the weird idea that got Giordano Bruno burned at the stake—that there might be other worlds, stars, universes.) Could there be a whole ecology of elephants, courtship, mating, friendship, herds, and the interrelationships with the land?

So to suggest that, by analogy, in spite of my own profound ignorance, it no longer is inconceivable to imagine other dimensions. I simply suggest that indeed there are, and they are mind-like, they represent aspects of consciousness that operate within all this material expression just as there are bones and muscles, heart and blood and all the rest suffusing and supporting the “skin” of the “elephant” = existence as we thought we knew it. Stretch those minds!

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