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March, 2012

Passover—a New Interpretation

Those interested in spirituality—in any religion—often seek to make that which is traditional more relevant. Some thirty or more years ago I was impressed by a Passover “Seder” or special ritual dinner in which the host re-interpreted the process of remembrance not from the perspective of a more ethnic or national group, but rather as […]

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A Central Texas “Dragon”

In this Chinese Year of the Dragon, my wife noticed that our region of the Texas Hill Country features a living (?) river dragon of considerable size, also known as “Lake Travis.” But look! So I looked and sure enough. Well, I just had to tell you! With a little more rain it’ll get fleshier. […]

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Contemporary nanotechnological research is also being conducted by transdimensional "scientists" (there is a problem with this term, because transdimensional science recognizes that creative thoughtforms participate in the co-construction of reality, whereas your culture in its present paradigmatic worldview (redundant?) thinks reality is objective and not subjective. (Ho ho ho says one of our Santa-Claus-like sprite […]

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One of Adam Blatner’s Brain Cells

Zordak visited recently and I asked him about those, "you know, probes?" and he said, oh, yeah, so? I said, "well, did you ever, you know, ‘probe’ me?’ and he goes, "Not necessary. You sort of let it hang out.” ‘n I said, "what’s it feel like?" n he said, “Depends on who’s doing it. […]

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How Action Expl0rations Work

I see action explorations as being a synthesis of all of the following: 1. The general principle of “Creativity” as a general goal—which contrasts with the 20th century goal of hoping to “get it right” (as if some authority knew what the right answer was). There’s a whole world-view here that shifts from the world […]

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Not-Really-Effortless Writing

It’s true that writing comes easier to me than many people, but it’s not as easy as it seems. What I write is at times flowing, but I have tendencies to digress (in case you hadn’t noticed), and on re-reading from a new reader’s perspective, I think I would lose part of my audience. So […]

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Zordak says that on planet Pfffft in the galaxy-with-no-name-yet, the sentient organisms there also theologize in their own way. They too have a concept of what roughly corresponds to what in some religions on our planet is called “purgatory”—a material realm in which souls are purified for the ‘next step up.’ (Certain nuances are lost […]

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Springtime Adventurations

Riding my bicycle around the larger neighborhood, about a 5 mile loop, noticing that on the heels of Daylight Saving Time we’re warming up (literally) to the Vernal Equinox, when the night-length equals the day-length. That adds up to Springtime! (Which reminds me of “In Just-spring” by e.e. cummings. )   Those lil’ buds on the […]

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Shifting Gestalts

This piece came to me in the email and it adds to my interest in scriptology, my name for the general field of writing itself, alphabets, including the art and play as well as linguistics and history of writing: F1gur471v31y 5p34k1ng?  Good example of a Brain Study.   If you can read this you have […]

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March is Bustin’ Out All Over

I checked in with the powers-that-be, and was able to connect with one “Neo-Demetria,” who told me she was an assistant to the archangel in charge of Springtime; in turn, she  checked the map and schedule and said, “A-yup, in central Texas Spring started two weeks and four days early, rounding off the hours and […]

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