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March is Bustin’ Out All Over

Originally posted on March 4, 2012

I checked in with the powers-that-be, and was able to connect with one “Neo-Demetria,” who told me she was an assistant to the archangel in charge of Springtime; in turn, she  checked the map and schedule and said, “A-yup, in central Texas Spring started two weeks and four days early, rounding off the hours and minutes, and what you have been noticing on your bike ride around the southeast campus of Sun City Texas (in Georgetown, north of Austin) is that March, not June, is bustin’ out all over (to pull a verse from the song in the 1949 Broadway musical, Oklahoma). Ain’t it grand! Cardinals are doing their little wheep, tweet tweet tweet call; crepe myrtle is puttin’ out them Tincture-of-Benzoin-sweet fragrances, dandelion weeds are comin’ up faster than flowers, a perfectly cooling southern gulf breeze is comin’ up through the Texas hill country, and it’s glorious.

Some trees are in full puffy white blooms and the green leaves are comin’ in right behind—indeed, a few of those white blossom-lets are already peeling away—it all goes through its blossom cycle within days. Other trees look so dead, but I suspect we’ll start to see bumps, then buds, then flower-leaves. So it’s an adventure.

Life is luscious. Rehearsing for the Spring Concert, square and round dancing, last night went ballroom dancing with my angel-sweetie-wife. It occurred to me that what if Allee is better than Ginger Rogers because she follows me without rehearsal! Later, as we snuggled in our nestule and flossed our teeth, we read together from Philip Goldberg’s recent book, American Yoga. Great book.

New insights inflame my epiphany-organ, wherever that is: Most recently, what I’m about in part is pioneering the opening of the preconscious mind, which is, like, a hundred or a thousand times more vast than the ordinary conscious mind. It’s like discovering that all kinds of other products can be made from certain plants—first distillation: sugar; second distillation after fermentation: rum; third distillation: molasses. Residue: good fertilizer… same with petroleum or other substances. Apply that to mind: There’s a lot more richness there that we can use in our social, aesthetic, political, and other activities to make our world a better place. (Hint: Psychodramatic methods open this realm better than most other methods!)

Many other projects gradually forming: A lecture in early June on the history of psychotherapy, updated, and with photos. Still revising and improving The Art of Play—discovering redundancies, parts I need to take out and post on the accompanying website. Preparing a bit for the workshop at the British Psychodrama Conference in the Cotswolds region south-west of London, etc.

Meanwhile certain acquaintances aren’t doing so well, which shouldn’t surprise us (but it does, a little)—people with bad diagnoses, entering or exiting from chemotherapy, etc. Other friends or relatives moving closer to their kids. We’re enjoying what time we have. Thought I’d tell the world—not that most are interested, but what the heck.

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  • David says:

    So pleased to hear that March is bustin’ its moves (reference to 1989 single by the rapper Young MC). Here, we’re dealing with rain, rain, and more rain and the many colds that come with it. That said, life is still luscious in its own ways.

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