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December, 2010

The “Evolution” (?) Of Zordak

JS continues his provocative interrogation: “Actually, I was interested to know how Zordak evolved  in the imaginary universe in which ‘he’ lives.  An aspect of science fiction that I like are the explanations of how and why things happen the way they do in the authors imaginary universe.    It appears to me that Zordak […]

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Explaining Zordak’s Existence

I have a friend here at Sun City named John who sometimes reads my blog. Not infrequently he challenges me in a friendly  way to expand my philosophy. He tends to be more materialist and I think tends to give science more weight than I think it deserves, but I agree with his requirement for […]

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Phonemic Expansion

A phoneme is a unit of spoken language, such as vowels and consonants. But there are consonants in English that don’t exist in other languages, such as the mixed sound of th as in “think”—which tends to be difficult for some folks in other countries. It tends to be pronounced as a soft d, “t’ink.” […]

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Flumping Up my Blog

So my son the computer maven, David, has arranged for me to write more easily on my blog as my Holiday Season present, and I’m like a kid with a new toy. Renewed Role: Expressor to the Universe! All you fans of mine out there in the blogosphere (both of you?), take heed! I am […]

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Mystery versus Problem

One of the ideas that deeply impressed me was the re-interpretation of the idea of mystery by Huston Smith, a scholar (1992, Essays on World Religion). Our tendency is to turn mysteries into problems, or worse, problems into puzzles. Worse because we are inclined to use the same trick we use to solve one puzzle […]

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The Adventure of Dialogue

There’s a quality of dialogue that, when refined, illustrates an interesting dynamic: The superstars of Jesus’ childhood were the wise elders of that culture, the scholars who debated the deeper meanings of the Holy Scriptures. Two were outstanding: Rabbi Shammai and Rabbi Hillel, the former being somewhat conservative, the latter somewhat liberal, but both were […]

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Zordak’s Journal: The Elementals

Zordak here. No, over here. No, I guess you can’t see me directly… just out of the corner of your eyes. One of the problems of being trans-dimensional is that we are more perceptible to the rod-cells of your eyes, away from the cones in your high-focus macula part of the retina. Oh, well. The […]

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Another Creation Story

Zordak here, channeling through Adam: Just as “Genesis” in the Judaeo-Christian Bible became widely-known creation story among many humans on your planet, there is another creation story that has been popular among some other intelligent species living on a number of planets in other galaxies who are in contact with each other psychically. (Oh, Adam […]

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Moreno’s “The Words of the Father”

Here’s a great video on YouTube of a sound-recording of J. L. Moreno, M.D. (1889-1974), reading from his spiritual poetry, “The Words of the Father”—accompanied by photographs of Moreno.  (Moreno wrote the poetry originally as a young man in medical school in Vienna. It was posted a few years ago by my friend Greg Tomeoni […]

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A Psychodramatic Story

(This is actually my condensation of an old Hasidic Jewish story attributed to the great story-teller and mystic, Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav, who was active in the first third of the 19th Century in what is now Byelorus, but was then the "Pale of Permitted Jewish Settlement" west of Moscow. I used this as an […]

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