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Zordak’s Journal: The Elementals

Originally posted on December 16, 2010

Zordak here. No, over here. No, I guess you can’t see me directly… just out of the corner of your eyes. One of the problems of being trans-dimensional is that we are more perceptible to the rod-cells of your eyes, away from the cones in your high-focus macula part of the retina. Oh, well.

The fun thing about my visits to your planet (and 3-D universe + One-Directional-Time) is that your people in your present era don’t know how to relate to the many para-life-energies all around you. Your ancients called them “elementals,” spirits of breeze and tricks of light among the clouds, moods of rain and funny bubbles in the currents of streams, and so forth. The elementals are fairly simple-minded and don’t have much to say to you directly, but it might be worthwhile and enriching for you to realize that they infest your world as much as the bacteria you didn’t know about a few hundred years ago, and the even more prevalent viruses—99% of which do not cause illness, have little to do with humanity, and most of which are not even known to your best scientists. It’s sort of like humans awakening to the vast numbers of as-yet-unrecognized species of animals and plants on Earth, only there are whole fields of various other kinds of para-life energies, too.

From our perspective, it’s a hoot, a joyous celebration of fullness—sort of the fun-excitement of being in a big city, without the hassle and exhaustion of overstimulation. Indeed, you may enjoy it more by becoming more quiet in your busy-ness and adding a bit of intuition and imagination to your looking at the breeze in the trees or changes of the leaves in the seasons.

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