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Interesting Friends

I have some heavy-duty friends I mainly communicate with via email. I just reflected that I’m honored to know these people. There are many—women and men. We talk of many things, not like Alice in Wonderland, but of theology and personality development. For example: One friend writes: “As to the authorship of the Bible scholars […]

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To Blog or Not to Blog

To paraphrase Hamlet’s soliloquy, in the play by Shakespeare, but things are different today: I have become more aware of “blogging,” which is another way of publishing my random thoughts or writing. What ego! What conceit! to think that anyone out there would care in the least about “random thoughts,” no matter how well-put. To […]

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Getting on Someone’s “List”

I was just solicited for a role that I’ve dropped almost two years ago, and really moved away from in the decade or more before that. It’s so easy to get on some-one’s list! That associates to phone solicitations, too. Although I’m gradually disconnecting from professional involvements, they are not disconnecting from me. But it […]

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“A Precipitate”

In chemistry, mixing two solutions, depending on what they are, will generate a “precipitate”—a formation of solids that sink to the bottom of the test tube. It’s from a time when only physicians who know such words, who have taken chem-istry, were allowed to become psychoanalysts. In the 1960s first one psychoanalytic institute, then another, […]

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“Quantum” Consciousness

I’ve had a brilliant idea and I forgot it…maybe for awhile, maybe forever. We’re two old farts, my wife and I…and we had really good ideas….and then forgot them while we had yet other ideas.  I’m reminded of a song from my adolescence—“Sh’Boom” —in the mid-1950s—about dreams. What if we are indeed dreaming this, but […]

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Impeding Your Own Progress

There are people whom I’ve touched and encouraged to grow beyond what they were. Of course most everyone does it—I just realized that I am doing it! Grow beyond what you were! Perhaps we are all "Threshold Guardians" for each other. That is a catchy phrase. Worth a book! Threshold guardians are a kind of […]

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“Surplus” Reality? What a Concept!

It’s time for noting that the arts—especially drama—can offer simulations—which is doing but yet not doing, like kids at sociodramatic play—exploring so many dimensions. What would I sound like if I talked this way? Moved this way? No, moved THIS way? Try it out, adjust it. It’s a far more multi-modal experiment. It’s time also […]

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Thoughts on Dimension-ality

Although we are physically 3-Dimensional, our minds are able to think about many-dimensions. (I am aware that this is a concept that is provisional!) I think we’re at least 4 dimensions, but our minds can intuit more! Mathematicians intuit many more! (I have an acquaintance who thinks there are thirty-three di-mensions!) Some few think about […]

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Diddely-Squat Chicken-Shit

What I don’t know! Boy, do I need to surrender. There’s a real type of effort in psychically “letting go,” though. It’s only vaguely an act of will, or maybe non-will. But it’s not the same as “trying,” much less “trying harder.” It’s 99% beyond me, that I realize, the 1% being that I know […]

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FOMO Comments

This came across my “desk” in the mail, and I mostly agree: Have you heard the acronym FOMO?  It stands for “Fear of Missing Out,” and a popular hashtag. Personally, I’m not sure I ever experienced FOMO, even in my younger years, but I know now, with age, I feel entirely justified in my lack […]

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