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Adjustors to Rapid Reality Change?

Originally posted on July 29, 2018

There isn’t a word yet for people who help people who function in the “old” world but not in the new. What should they be called? “People who are highly function-ing, with areas that need some extra attention!?”  Even highly functioning people need attention, because the world is changing. A century ago the theme was “adjust” —but even then the changes had speeded up. Now they are unfolding even as their aids in adjustment are in flux. The best of us, the most sane, are trying to catch up. The proper game is not to seal over in a primitive way. Note that this is not psychiatry, it’s advancing the evolution of humanity. That is, human evolution has many facets, so it’s not psychiatry. No one is “well” in a rapidly changing world. One must be “sick” and be healed according to what one is becoming.  Psychiatrists or mental health workers are irrelevant for culture change. That is to say, psycho-therapy is not treatment, and for most people, it’s not "straightening them out!”

We have gotten to a place in historical process where what’s crazy or sane cannot be differentiated. Psychiatrists are relevant only for those who are “sick” in ways that are familiar. In culture-changing ways, there are disturbances that are not sick so much as cultural obsolete, a state of transition that will happen to most people or things.  (In fact, that is happening now, but we don’t have words for it! )

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