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Getting on Someone’s “List”

Originally posted on July 27, 2018

I was just solicited for a role that I’ve dropped almost two years ago, and really moved away from in the decade or more before that. It’s so easy to get on some-one’s list! That associates to phone solicitations, too. Although I’m gradually disconnecting from professional involvements, they are not disconnecting from me.

But it sort of underlines several things: First, how interconnected we are, and were. Being contacted by email for some involvement you no longer are interested in is like receiving a solicitation based on a “feeler” towards some hobby or sport or charity you no longer support. Oh, perhaps you had a relatively soft spot for it, but no longer. We change—no news; but we’re also reminded of that through solici-tors. We leave a trail behind us of memberships neglected. We’re on someone’s list!

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