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Originally posted on October 21, 2012

A recent “Hi & Lois” comic strip struck home! Could it be that there are many people with less intelligence, vocabulary, and correspondingly more entitlement to their own prejudices who are inclined to condemn offhandedly anyone with more critical thinking as “elitist?” For example, consider this exchange: elitism2

… and his office mate replies:


… so, is the guy on the right being elitist? Maybe so, if it’s right for those with a limited vocabulary to feel entitled to have everything—including the discourse of their neighbors—“dumbed down” to fit their minds. More, I discern a shameless willingness to blame as a moral fault any evidence of intelligence beyond the median range—which is really junior high school in vocabulary and thinking.

Excepting the clever objection implied above, could it be that many mass media journalists don’t even notice that they, seeking copy at any cost,  are enabling the lowering of the level of discernment by themselves indulging in disguised conversations about image rather than substance?

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