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Impeding Your Own Progress

Originally posted on July 26, 2018

There are people whom I’ve touched and encouraged to grow beyond what they were. Of course most everyone does it—I just realized that I am doing it! Grow beyond what you were!

Perhaps we are all "Threshold Guardians" for each other. That is a catchy phrase. Worth a book! Threshold guardians are a kind of fairy that boosts, encourages in s0me way. Indeed, the idea of threshold guardian is a reminder of something that I worked on a while ago. They have changed over time. Today, wistfully I sort of believe that I have fulfilled that role many times. Tell me what that evocative term means to you! What are your associations to that role?  You know how we can impede our own progress in life? We could write essays about the many ways people cam impede their own progress.

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