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Changing Computers!

Originally posted on June 13, 2018

I amth in the complex challenge of changing computers and hope to be in contact again in a few weeks. I’m going to get another windows, but I found out from my son, who is a big shot in desktop publishing, that my Wordperfect desktop publishing program has dropped back in the competition. He doesn’t know ANY-body using it. And here I was going along blithely assuming it was in the running! Silly me!

So anyway I’m getting a new computer after about 5 years, and will be doing much to upgrade it—making it fit my skills and interests. There are several roles I don’t use, and some I use a lot: this blog, website for communication, word-processor and files… what else?

I use that question to shine a light on my becoming an ol’ fart—really, just old—over 81—soon—and though I’m competent in some ways, not-so-competent in others.

Meanwhile my son the computer maven and philosopher called to ask a philo-sophical question and he gave me the opportunity to improvise an answer. It was a question that surpassed elementary philosophy, reaching for epistemology. He started saying episio—but that’s the cut in the perineum to prevent tearing in assisting in childbirth. Epistemology took on new meaning just now, because really you can’t know for sure. You can know so that it satisfies you.

We had a nice chat! Very nice.

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