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A New Computer

Originally posted on June 12, 2018

For my 81st Birthday—heck, just because it was time—we (my darling wife and I) decided to purchase a new computer with MS Word instead of Wordperfect, the latter word processing system disappearing as a viable “force” in the field. That’s kinda funny, because I had assumed that it was a major competitor for the word-processing market. It was certainly that 30 years ago. My, I have grown old on this theme all-too-quickly!

With aching in the legs from walking (poor circulation: “intermittent claudication”) to prostate (not prostrate) troubles, I’m getting old! This sharpens my sense of priorities. I want to get this next book out on non-psychotherapeutic applications of psychodrama—I call them “Action Explorations”—, and one on the fantasy World of Almost-Real, from where I can improvise on trans-dimensional philosophy.

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