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Considering Other Dimensions

Originally posted on June 11, 2018

My latest theory is that although our bodies (as far as we know) are mainly three-dimensional, our minds are able to conceive of many dimensions, though not able to get the proper perspective on them all. Mind penetrates and transcends dimen-sions, but only somewhat. I have been blessed by reading science -fiction, which was directed at imaginative youth of varying degrees of intelligence. But it reached beyond, and encouraged others to do so likewise.

The very idea of dimensionality is intriguing, based on the relationships between the third dimension and the second (solids versus a plane), and maybe time versus solids. But mind considers the “if”—which may very well not be in relation to stuff as stuff is in relation to a flat world of diagrams. We should not assume that.

In other words, dimensionality—which we can conceive of—may not be related to our three- dimensional world at “right angles” but might be related to us differently, in ways near incomprehensible to us! All I can say is “Wowee!” Or maybe “Whoosh!”

I have been given a mind sopped in science fiction and neurology (which includes brain anatomy and physiology) so as to contemplate that which cannot be imagined clearly. Still, it is my duty (karma) to do what I can with this juxta-position!

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