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May I Dance With Your Eyes?

Originally posted on May 23, 2018

This is a trans-dimensional perspective on things.  I dare to play, because pure reason backed by evidence is the basis for responsible discourse only at the 6th and lower 7th dimensions. At the upper 7th dimension and certainly above, categories of reason don’t apply. Much is indeed paradoxical. Let me explain:

Most humans experience a three-dimensional world evolving in time—which constitutes a fourth dimension—things in “process.”  Humans don’t recognize the implications of including process in their worldview, which was in a way addressed by Alfred North Whitehead.

I add this:  Our basic experience—mind—is a 5th dimensional phenomena! And thinking about our experience— which it seems only humans do, at least to any degree—is a 6th dimensional process. So animals experiencing events, things doing things, is 5th dimension, and living beings not only becoming aware of things happening, but thinking about these events are 6th dimension. 

Human minds are variably aware of some higher dimensions—more or less—though even if those who are aware are not really aware of this being a dimensional “leap.”

One step up, the 7th dimension, involves reflecting on thinking, thinking about thinking about thinking. This includes perspectives dealing with learning, neuroscience, culture, history, language itself, and this all happens at this 7th dimension. That is or should be one of the aims of education. Higher 7th dimension mixes in music and humor and many other frames of reference including mysticism, but it isn’t all that mysterious.

Humanity by itself is by no means the top of the hierarchy of consciousness? We are as far as we  know, but then again we vaguely know that there are processes like higher intuition and other parapsychological phenomena that can’t be explained by present paradigms.

What if the reason for that is because they partake of a "higher dimensionality"?  Admittedly, to people locked conceptually into believing they are the top when it comes to consciousness, that’s crazy talk, or maybe mystical (used in a dismissive sense). But imagine that mice wondered why they get caught in mousetraps? Dare we imagine that we are not the apex of intelligence?  These outrageous ideas are just play, perhaps. Or you could extract the "just" from the previous line and consider that some play truly transcends the ordinarily knowable.

Dare to consider moreover that at higher levels humor and aesthetic complexity or beauty is also woven in. And if someone wanted to reveal 8th and 9th dimensional perspectives, how could this be done? My role in life is to witness to this! All that I’ve been contributes, not only professionally, but also  a-vocationally.

(This is to be included as the forew0rd to my illustrated books. But I’ll put into my blog first.)

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