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Happy Springtime 2018

Originally posted on May 22, 2018

It’s a glorious spring! Birds are singing, and mocking-birds (my favorite) are improvising ! We’re all dancing or creating ourselves in multiple ways in the service of God-Becoming in an experiential-exponential way. (I just made that phrase up!)

I’m writing on my next project, which is an anthology of non-psychotherapeutic ways to use Moreno’s psycho-dramatic methodology (or related improvisational drama approaches) to further human evolution. There are indeed many, and I’m busy compiling a book about them. (If you know of some, write me! I may post some of them on a new website.)

One Response to “Happy Springtime 2018”

  • Glad to have found your blog; I hope you are well;
    fallen in love with Moreno’s Psychodrama in 1985, did modular training as to not buy into or be exposed to the prevalent medical-model-type of mindset and conducted action research about using PD in Adult Education. -, have just published 3 papers on the subject on Would be interested to develop them further soon. Best wishes,

    PS I also have a playful blog/web site, in addition to the professional listed below. Maybe tell you soon….

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