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Jung & Dimensionality

Originally posted on March 7, 2018

I like the work of Carl G. Jung, and want to note that his "thing" wasn’t really therapy so much as self-discovery. That this would help people was a side-benefit.

The human mind is capable of mysticism, and maybe more. The mind taps into the 8th dimension, which is to the human mind as the third dimension is to the second: that is, there are seemingly infinite numbers of worlds, realms, of which humans exist only in one, which is in turn infinitely richer and more complex that dull humans, which themselves are infinitely richer than bright animals.. and so forth. I don’t know if Jung got that. Maybe.

Jung and his art should be thought of mainly as a transpersonal upper-division humanistic psychologist. I know that he was an MD, and so am I, but we are tapping into the awareness that reflects on the fact that we can tap into awareness. I use the frame of dimensionality.

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