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Two More Things About Enhanced Simulations

Originally posted on January 20, 2018

First, it’s another word for Action Explorations. Second, it’s axiodramatic and sociodramatic as well as psychodramatic. All these are more complex ways of re-examining political, ethical, and social norms as they evolve. What was if not righteous, then normative, become ethically dubious, challengeable, “evil.” This has been one angle on history. In this last century, it became “wrong” to invade another country. The previous century, it was liberating or simply political jockeying. Slave-holding has similarly become unethical. I was going to say “gone out of style” but that doesn’t carry the ethical opprobrium, the sense of shock, that it nowadays evokes. Morality evolves with what is considered the norm, and as I said, these evolve.

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