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Shifting Identities

Originally posted on January 19, 2018

In addition to my major profession “occupation” as a retired psychiatrist and visiting assistant professor, which I’m really not anymore since moving to the mid-California coastal town of San Luis Obispo—and becoming not-more every day—, I am presently editing a book about non-psychotherapeutic applications of Moreno’s methods. In addition, I’m editing and preparing to publish a couple of picture-books of my old drawings. That makes me a bit of an artist. It may be that my psychiatric scholar role is forgotten and my role as metaphysical artist remem-bered, or vice versa. The interesting point is that people are often not at all one thing, and even if you accept this, it’s harder to accept that depending on the nature of the audience, one is remembered (or not) and the other is forgotten —though which is which changes.

Yet another weird-ness about me is my metaphysics, or my religion, or philosophy: Admittedly, influenced by Hartshorne, Whitehead, Ken Wilber, and in the past, Spinoza and others. (Note that most folks ‘round here for the most part have never heard of these folks.)  Kabbalah, I Ching, astrological and alchemical symbol-ology, Jung—weird-ness squared. Yet all of these and more swirl in my mind, as much of a part of who I am as my being a pleasant neighbor and an adequate housekeeper. It’s funny what and how we are in the world. Other people are perhaps equally “unique,” and different, but in different ways.

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