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CoCreating My Living

Originally posted on January 19, 2018

I have created my living, and I wrote a book about it—privately published—called “Creating Your Living”—and I’m planning on revising it some day. But. I just now realized that my “higher self” of which I only know the tippy-tip and then through its effects—yes, that higher self!— “It”  has been living me, more or less.

Indeed, my life has been so halcyon (is that the right word? Look it up!  Yes, in a manner of speaking, being married to my present wife and set up financially to live modestly but comfortably—it does the job: Halcyon: an  adjective, denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful, such as "the halcyon days of the mid-1980s, when profits were soaring."  Synonyms: happy, golden, idyllic, carefree, blissful, joyful, joyous, contented. (I discovered that the word “halcyon” also is the name of a tropical Asian and African kingfisher with brightly colored plumage, also the word is the name of a mythical bird said by ancient writers to breed in a nest floating at sea at the winter solstice, charming the wind and waves into calm.)

Back to text: Yes, my halcyon life has permitted me to first, live spontaneously, and then realize what spontaneity is. Indeed, my professional life and dip—no, immerse myself! — into Moreno’s philosophy of spontaneity—also set me up for this reali-zation. Another thing: My life has a fair amount of routine, but a minor degree— just enough—of spontaneity to keep things buzzing inside my brain! Wow! It’s all been heading this way, too!

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