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Action Explorations (More)

Originally posted on January 18, 2018

I am using the term “Action Explorations” to refer to the use of Moreno’s methods as well as those of many others, along with a number of creative innovators in improvisational drama, drama therapy, drama in education, and other fields. These are folks who delve into simulations and other possible applications of these methods.

I am beginning to prepare an anthology of non-therapeutic applications of Moreno’s methods. I’m growing in awareness of these—and there are many!—and I think that in the not-to-far-distant future, they may well outnumber applications in psychotherapy. Indeed, although psychotherapy was my “home base”—as it were— it is no longer true. I have moved away from being helpful one-to-one or even as a group. I’ve been a psychiatrist, M.D., for fifty years, on-and-off, and have achieved status in that role. But I’m not one to sit on my laurels (ha ha), because the applications of simulations—role playing as a kind of simulation-based-learning— appeals to me.

I see action explorations as a form of simulations, enhanced by letting the reader in by knowing what’s going on in the minds of the key players; hence: Enhanced Simulations. I also envision these as having applications in business, education, religion, recreation, and many other field. This category will supplement a book I’m preparing and contain supplementary articles about this and related topics.

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