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Leaping Beyond Our Positive Thinking Base

Originally posted on January 11, 2018

I am honored to have Marilyn Schoeman as a friend. She is known as an author, international speaker, thought leader, creativity catalyst and game developer in Seattle, Washington: Her book, GO! How to Think, Speak and ACT to Make Good Things Happen, introduces the Green Light® language, mind set. The Green Light®.  Goal: Create the greatest good, for the most people, in the best way, for the longest time.She calls me "Elfin Greenius." Green Light is featured in her new app, BOFF-O! (Brain On Fast Forward). It sky rockets your creative thinking so you can generate opportunities and solutions in an instant.  (For free download see BOFFO in app stores.)

Marilyn’s empowering model takes positive thinking a leap further, by adding an action piece and a specific style of  language, called Green Light thinking,  It keeps the focus on what we want,(Green Light)  rather than what we do not want (Red Light.)  This puts the attention on objectives not obstacles, on abundance, not lack. For instance, consider money – an area often viewed as and spoken of Redly. So instead of "I can’t afford it,” one would THINK (and sometime say a variation of), "It’s not in the budget." Instead of "It’s too expensive,” say, "The value isn’t there for me," or "The value isn’t there for me at this time." Instead of "I don’t have money for that," say "I pass on that," or "I pass on that for now.”

Other replacements: For "I have to find a cheaper way,” say, "I’ll find a better deal." Or "I make wise investments so I’ll think about this, and get back to you if I’m interested." Marilyn notes that our brain takes its instruction from our words – thought and spoken – so the Greener our words are, the Greener our life tends to be. Our thoughts, language, and actions alter the way we experience life, and thus impact how it shows up in a new reality.

This all is from the Money chapter in her forthcoming book, Green Lightning! Creating a Green Light World® – in a Flash!  It’s a new habit-building opportunity to counter centuries of worry and focus on negativity. Let us use the language and take the actions that minimize the Red Lights and expand our Green Light style. Make Green Light living your way of living.

Marilyn has been a cheerleader spirit or sprite, signing off with "Thee be a Renaissance elf, thought leader, fun maker, life enhancer. Thankin’ thee, Green bein’."

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