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Life Enrichment

Originally posted on October 29, 2017

For a score of years I taught at a lifelong learning program for senior adults in my community in mid-Texas. It was one of the activities we enjoyed. Reflecting on this, it occurs to me that much if not most of education should be elective like this. It may not be practical for all sorts of reasons, but then most young people take courses because “they’re required,” and looking back, this practice is rather odd, if you think about it. It’s so common that it’s taken for granted, because the degree is what counts. Huh.

But learning should be voluntary, and being qualified means you’ve learned what you need to learn, as considered by those who are supposed to know. Beyond that you read or learn what you want to learn—or maybe you never pick up a book again! Well, I won’t pursue that—it’s full of whereas and buts.

The point is that it’s a good phrase for lifelong learning at whatever pace, intensity, and regarding whatever subject matter is preferred. It’s a good phrase for what I’ve done much of my life, taking classes, teaching classes, doing it just to be enriched. I’m pretty wealthy knowledge-wise, I’m happy to confess.

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