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Upon Reflection

Originally posted on October 29, 2017

I’ve done a lot, learned a lot, loved and been loved a lot. I like the words of the song, “My Way,” which was Frank Sinatra’s theme song, though for me I have to confess that it should often have been called “Thy Way.” I was forced to do some things I didn’t really want to, and in the long run I guess they were good for me!

Pretty much, though, the song is true for me, but as I say, substitute Thy Way for My Way fairly frequently. I’ve done a whole bunch, and yet it’s not all that much. There’s an echo of “I’m not impressed” mixed in with “You did a lot.”

To all this I reply, “I got to help!” The dreams of glory are passed, and I sort of am aware that great kings and conquerors also died and were forgotten. (I used to want to be a great conqueror, for a time in my early adolescence, because that way my big brother couldn’t pick on me. Ah well.)

My current myth is that God is creating the cosmos and I get to help, however small my contribution. I like this because it sort of applies to everyone.

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