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Originally posted on July 21, 2017

I don’t have anything else to do; I’ve done it enough for almost 80 years. Now I want to sit back (literally) and comment on it, and few people may care. Maybe you. So I’m doing it for you.

I realize that we are socially embedded creatures who need at least a figurative if not real audience. People project these and play to them. I know people who are relating to other people as if they were whatever the people want them to be—no matter that the other people are something else again, playing their own scripts. Lecturing, imagining that the listener is an appreciative audience; telling stories about the olden days; seeking attention and validation; all sorts of role exchanges. Sometimes two people play a similar enough game so that two play seemingly together, talking a little past each other. Sometimes the games are so far apart that no real contact is made and the two separate quickly, dissatisfied. Most are in-between.

I am hoping that we may communicate; I am hoping to stimulate your imagination and perhaps your thinking. If that happens, I have succeeded.

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