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Trusting the Moment

Originally posted on March 21, 2011

This is a book review about a newly released book , Trusting the Moment:  Unlocking your creativity and imagination: a handbook for individual and group work. As you know, I’m all for promoting improvisation, and this book of warm-ups is rich in ideas about how to develop these skills. A number of such books have been published over the last many years—I can’t keep up with them. This one is very good; it has a fair number of principles laid out that can supplement the exercises. It’s not merely a listing of techniques or improv or theatre games. (I write about this topic also in my anthology, Interactive & Improvisational Drama, in a chapter on warm-ups. Further references are noted on a supplementary webpage.)

The idea of promoting the capacity to make up stuff, to improvise, is very close to my heart and my everyday life. Helping others to re-discover this innate element in their heritage—healthy kids do it all the time—is one of my goals. So I appreciate Ms. Lindheim’s pursuing this along several channels, as may be noted on her website,  She also has written about hospital clowning, which again resonates with one of the chapters in the Interactive & Improvisational Drama book.

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