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High Dimensionality

Originally posted on July 10, 2016

I’ve been coming to the thought that mind itself is the primary reality, not matter, the 3rd dimension—which is what most people take to be hard reality. Most recognize that the 2nd dimension—what they can see in pictures, read in papers, is not altogether reality.

Alfred North Whitehead went up one notch and noted that time, not stuff, was ultimate—what Einstein called the “fourth” dimension. All “stuff” actually transformed in time.

I agree that space-time is a reality, not an illusion, but there may be many realities, and mind that notices time, space, pictures on paper (2-D) or gradients (1-D) may be even more fundamental. We notice differences. In addition, Mind operates at the simplest forms life, but of course in an entirely rudimentary fashion.

However, mind, as a 5th dimension, has capabilities beyond itself. Sometimes it thinks about thinking, or at least questions normal rules of logic. Some words can be taken different ways, for example.

So then this 6th dimension that thinks about thinking still stays somewhat within the rules of rationality, but higher 6th bleeds into a higher, 7th dimension, that notices that even ordinary thinking minds transcend their thinking and plays, sings, enjoys irony, paradox, irrationality, heroes who behave in a cowardly fashion, or cowards who do heroic things. This is the 7th dimension.

The eighth dimension knows deeply that certain not-insignificant parts of life transcend thinking! Here art and humor overlap with meditation and paradox in ways that cannot be expressed clearly by language. It is enough to recognize that some things are deeply foolish or wise but they cannot be explained to one not at or almost at that level of consciousness.

I know there are yet higher levels and I fantasize about them, but I claim no certain knowledge. I leave that to the saints among us.

; nor to mind that thinks somewhat rationally about thinking—metacognition, the 6th dimension (only humans have this). High mystics figuratively stand on tiptoe and notice the 8th or even 9th dimension, but certainly mind is operating at these deep levels, intuitive levels, at time astonishingly accurate levels. Most folks just flail around dreamily here. We are still evolving.

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