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Off The Deep End

Originally posted on April 23, 2016

I have indeed gone off the deep end. To someone in the shallow end, this is insanely nuts. To those who swim well, well, that’s where the swimming is best. One cannot readily say that “higher” consciousness is “better,” because in ignorance there is bliss. No, that’s somewhat elitist. Actually, certain advantages accrue to those at every “level” of consciousness. Something’s lost and something’s gained. In ordinary consciousness there is more intense joy as well as more intense sorrow or fear or pain. There are certain kinds of pleasure that depend on not seeking deeper meanings in what’s happening. Humanity wavers among and between a good many “levels” of consciousness.

God operates at all these levels simultaneously, and knows how to enjoy for its own sake at each level, as well as many other operations: Reflections on simplicity and enjoyment of trans-dimensionality, looking upwards and outward as well as downwards and inwards. Nothing is objectively “better,” but all go into a melting pot, alchemically, re-incarnation-ally.

My destiny is to know a tiny bit of the next “higher” dimensions. I am uniquely poised to interpret them, since writing comes relatively easy for me. But I don’t claim to be in the least unique in knowing about them. That is to say, the necessarily unique blend of talents given me doesn’t make me all that special; everyone has a unique blend of talents and handicaps. Rather, my own blend just opens me to themes that others shy away from. I like to think of everyone as a sort of cell in the brain of God, to stretch an analogy, and I am just one of millions of certain kinds of sorta-kinda brain cell in the mind of God. There are billions of other brain cells, of course, and analogies to other organs. So my motto is “Helping God be born!” and in my weird mythology I take it as a meaningful honor. I’m also aware that this type of creative mythmaking borders on confabulation. But that’s what I am meant to do. Let others build on, critique, demolish all but a small fragment—it doesn’t matter.

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