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More God-Talk

Originally posted on April 26, 2016

I speculate. I dare to do this, because nobody who has any authority that I respect says thou shalt not speculate, and anyway, it’s not about you or others, it’s just witnessing to what works for me. If it stimulates you, if you agree in any way, or you find you disagree, it’s all grist for the mill.

My latest theory is that just as God-as-Nature is extremely profligate, generating hundreds of millions of sperm in an ejaculate, or hundreds of millions of seeds from a mature tree, or pollen, etc., so too the God-as-Humanity generates humans who can think and imagine, and from this a few great ideas spin off. So I’m just doing what I can to help. I don’t claim that my ideas are the be-all and end-all of novelty, but that God-Future will use these if only to build upon the residue or corpse of them.

There is also mix-and-match, so I resonate also with the ideas of Raymond Tallis, a retired physician and writer in England who has written a variety of books. He’s more of an atheist and I am more of a mystic, but yet I am still a bit of a Spinozan, which many believers think of as atheistic. But in fact Spinoza was deeply sort of  pantheistic, and Spinoza’s God is far from the Biblical.

To be clear, the basis for my world-view is a mixture of intuition and the work of a variety of philosophers, from Alfred North Whitehead to the Kabbalists, from Ken Wilber to the Buddha, and many others. Please note that while I philosophize, I also make up stuff, sorta-kinda confabulate. I know that I just made this stuff up, but it’s not a frivolous making-up. It’s more of a collaboration between my creative unconscious and my imagination, the former being deeper and wiser than the latter, which then inserts itself into “my” cognition.

I have no doubt that the universe is evolving and my words may or may not serve to further that progress. I have chosen to be receptive to my creative subconscious and as Whitehead notes in the closing of his book, “coordinate mystical intuitions,” as best I can. Also, it seems to me, though it may be illusory, that I get help from my guardian angels—for want of a better word, and also I get to help in forming the future, however miniscule may be my contribution. It’s a process, God as the Becoming Universe (at least in this realm of multiple dimensions), and I get to help.

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