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The Bunny-Blatners

Originally posted on January 18, 2016


Tumpy Bumkin and Bumpy Tumkin are the Bunny-Blatners who live in a little tiny house under a tree next to a meadow by some trees bordering on a sweet little stream with froggies and such living in it. That’s their address. You ought to be able to find it. Sometimes, though, they forget who is which and the other becomes the other and it’s Bumpy Tumkin who loves Tumpy Bumkin. But that’s not important because they love and care for each other.

There are thus four people and two bunnies sort-of living in the Creekside Home for Assistance in Living. (Two of the people are really sub-personalities and the bunnies are imaginary—which does not detract from their phenominological if only surplus reality—sorta kinda.)

(Some day anyone who is only one person will be considered so “square”—as the slang had it during the mid-20th century.)

One Response to “The Bunny-Blatners”

  • Allee Blatner says:

    I am writing to correct the names of the above mentioned rabbits. They are “Tumpy Bumpkin” and “Bumpy Tumpkin”. Other than that you information is correct.

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