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My Offspringing Kidlings

Originally posted on January 7, 2016

I was feeling apologetic about my inability to really get into kids, stimulated by a comparison with Allee (my wife) and my daughter, who are more people people. Allee said, Your writings are you “offspring-ings” and I later had the thought, “Verily, the are my “kid-lings.” (Well, I didn’t say verily, but you get the idea.)

I enjoy writing. The visiting kids (grandchildren of a sick friend) think I’m surfing the web. They can’t conceive of real people writing essays. Allee reminded me that indeed I do enjoy writing and my writings and that’s my dharma.

Getting used to being different; I didn’t try to be this way; I can’t help it. Worse, I didn’t even know that many—most—others cannot and don’t like t do this. It’s all part of accepting my dharma without shame. I’m just a little different, and I reassure myself with the idea that everyone is a little or a lot in different ways. Some of us catch on rather late in life to this fairly obvious fact, one you think about it. It all boils down to the subtitle of my autobiography, were it ever to be written: “Doesn’t everybody?” “No, Hardly Anyone.”

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