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Multi-Dimensional Metaphysics

Originally posted on January 2, 2016

I’ve contemplated and considered the idea that our cosmos involves many dimensions. Mind itself operates at a 5th dimension, beyond time and space, mainly; to some degree it penetrates yet higher dimensions, but rarely can make out their meaning in any definite way. That is to say, the conscious aspect of human mind hardly penetrates and cannot reflect intelligently on higher dimensions. But then again, human mind is only about a hundred thousand years old, give or take, and perhaps higher mind will need a goodly number of paradigm jumps to manage those realms.

There are some sobering implications here, though. I figure that God is so very multi-dimension-al. For example, there is no single answer to what is the meaning of life; nor are there two or three “answers.” The answer, such as it is, is “everything.” That befits the kind of god that lies behind our behinds in life, the kind that is so great. Its greatness doesn’t have to be “big” physically. Rather, it lies behind, and what’s so weird as to boggle our puny human brains is that it—the meaning—doesn’t boil down to any single saying that you can quote, but rather it is everything.

Now as puny human brain beings, it isn’t always easy to extract a lesson, a moral that we can put into words. We are given forebrains to differentiate us from slightly calculating animals, forebrains to have “insights” which can build on others’ insights. Still, our egocentric-ity, deflected as species-centric-ity, pretends to be the highest! Come on! We’re somewhere in the middle,)

Regarding our consciousness, we throw out there and take back in, projection and introjection, and through this process we assess the word. Actually, we co-create the world, or to put not too fine a point on it, we impose on the world our interpretations. Our many forms of divination —-Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, I-Ching, etc.—then serve as reflections of psyche. Parts that seem beyond psyche only go to show how we imagine the limitations of psyche to what we can understand. Jung “got” this. Still and all, the concept of divination need not be seen as objective so much as suggestive.

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