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Originally posted on November 19, 2015

My spirituality continues to evolve. I’m 78½ and some would say I’m too old for continuing evolution, but it’s a promise to younger people that life can get better and better even as in some ways one declines.

A colleague and I will be presenting on ways action explorations (i.e., psychodramatic methods) can facilitate spiritual activity. Spirituality is an activity, not a state of being. There’s nothing static about it. It is the activity of developing your relationship with the greater wholeness of becoming—or make that an active verb—the greater becoming process in all its dimensions.

I am convinced that our puny-human-brain cannot begin to ever fully comprehend even the middle-high levels of the cosmic plan, much less the “highest.” What we can do instead is to sense that we have a role to play, our “dharma,” that reflects the great complexity of our individuality. No one else can do whatever we do—and what we do is many, many things, many times more than what we think we achieve. It’s also the lives we touch, for example. And in that touching no single description can suffice. There are many non-verbal vibrations. So it’s all hyper-complex. I like that coinage, referring to complexity that transcends any human capacity to account for all the ins and outs: “hyper-complex.”

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